Usap Tayo sa Family Planning!
31 August 2022
Healthy Pilipinas

Family Planning (FP) is a great way for individuals and couples to achieve their desired number of children and when they want to have them, by using safe and effective modern methods. 


If you have at least one child in your family, it is recommended to observe proper birth spacing as part of your family planning. Proper birth spacing is having children 3 to 5 years apart because this is the best for the health of the mother, her child, and the family.


Benefits of Family Planning


Financial Protection

Family planning is also financial planning. By being prepared for  the time you will have children, you are better prepared for the financial aspects of having an addition to your family. This also ensures that your family is protected from financial difficulties in the future, which makes for a comfortable living situation.


Personal & Family Protection

Family planning enables both the father and the mother to have more time and resources for their family and personal advancement. This also means more benefits for  the new child.


For the mother, family planning enables her to heal her body and regain her health from a recent  pregnancy. During this time, she will also have more dedicated time to care for her child or look into other priorities, like her career.


For the father, he is able to dedicate time to improve his capability to provide  for his family and have more time for his child. Family planning will definitely lighten his load with regard to family expectations and eases the burdens of supporting a family.


For the child, family planning gives them more time to spend with their parents and they are more able to enjoy their time together as a family.


When there is better preparation, not only are you securing the future of your family, but you’re also securing the future of your partner and your child.


How to start Family Planning?


The first step toward family planning is having an open and respectful conversation with your partner. Ask yourselves what your goals and plans are for the next 5 to 10 years – as individuals, as a couple, and as a family. If you haven’t yet, talk to them about how many children you want to have and how many years apart  you want them to be. You can plan your family’s future alongside your goals.  It’s important to listen and have an open mind about it. You can then visit your nearest health center or clinic to inquire about the different forms of family planning (FP) methods available.


What are the FP methods you can choose from? 


All FP methods are safe, trusted, and effective.  They are used by millions of people in the Philippines and all over the world. You can choose the FP method that is fit  for you, your partner, and your family. 


There are short-term methods like condoms (used every time you have sex), pills (taken every day), injectables (given every 3 months), and fertility awareness methods (done every day to track ovulation days). Long-term methods that last for more than 3 years are implants and intrauterine devices (IUDs). Permanent methods like vasectomy and ligation are for those who  do not want to have any more children and believe that their family is complete.

Want to know more about the FP methods for you and your family? Check out the Usap Tayo sa Family Planning Facebook page and Usap Tayo sa Family Planning website to know more.