RADAR: Remembering Road Traffic Victims
19 November 2023
Healthy Pilipinas

Paul Walker, James Dean, and Princess Diana are just a few of the most well-known personalities who tragically lost their lives on the road. They are among an estimated 3,700 individuals who lose their lives in road accidents worldwide every day. This staggering number adds up to approximately 1.35 million victims each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Last November 19, the world observed the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (WDoR). Established in 2005, this event is held every third Sunday of November mainly to honor and remember those who have met their untimely deaths or suffered serious injuries in road accidents. In particular, the WDoR acts as a platform for road traffic victims and their families to practice RADAR, which stands for:

  1. Remember those who have died or were gravely injured on the road.
  2. Acknowledge the vital efforts of the emergency services to respond promptly to critical situations and help ensure public safety.
  3. Draw Attention to the usual insufficient legal actions taken against those responsible for road deaths and injuries and promote the need for a more appropriately serious approach.
  4. Advocate for better support and assistance for victims of road accidents and their families.
  5. Recommend the use of proven facts and evidence-based actions to prevent and eventually put an end to more road traffic deaths and injuries.

The core messages of WDoR 2023 revolve around the powerful trio: Remember, Support, and Act.


Since its establishment 18 years ago, the WDoR underscored the importance of honoring and remembering those who have succumbed or been injured in road traffic incidents. To this day, the most impactful way to do so is to listen to the stories of those who were left behind and to reflect on their experiences so that everyone will not only be reminded of the lives they lived but also be inspired to work together to prevent further loss of life on the roads.


This year’s WDoR also emphasized the need for better support for those affected by road accidents. The event called for government agencies and policymakers to champion improved assistance for victims and families, which not only involves financial aid but also emotional and psychological support.


WDoR 2023 also called on legislators and government agencies to take concrete steps to enhance road safety. This involves advocating for and implementing evidence-based measures to prevent future accidents while recognizing the vital efforts of emergency services.


This year’s observance was also geared toward JUSTICE, emphasizing the necessity for all agencies involved to work together in helping road traffic victims. #WDoR 2023 highlighted the need for effective enforcement of traffic laws, swift and thorough investigations after road accidents, and to provide justice for the victims and their families. Furthermore, the recent WDoR promoted the significance of a unified effort to prevent future incidents. 

In essence, the 2023 World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims promotes reflection, compassion, and active participation for a safer road environment for all in the hopes that no family will ever mourn road traffic victims again.