Intrauterine Device (IUD)
23 October 2021
Healthy Pilipinas

Does the IUD cause cancer of the uterus?Name of Office: NCDPC

No. Studies have shown that the IUD does not cause cancer of the uterus.

Is the IUD only for older women who have already given birth?Name of Office: NCDPC

Even a young woman who has never had a child may use an IUD, as long as she is not exposed to sexually transmitted diseases.

Will PhilHealth pay for an IUD and its insertion?Name of Office: NCDPC

Yes. If you are a member or a dependent, the IUD and its insertion are covered, subject to the provisions of PhilHealth’s benefit package.

Does the IUD rot in the uterus after prolonged use?Name of Office: NCDPC

No. The IUD is made of inert material which does not rot in the uterus even with prolonged use.

If I use an IUD, will I still be able to have a baby?Name of Office: NCDPC

Yes. Almost all women who use an IUD will be able to bear children once it is removed.