Infant and Young Child Feeding / Breastfeeding
23 October 2021
Healthy Pilipinas

What is exclusive breastfeeding?Name of Office: FHO, NCDPC

Exclusive breastfeeding means giving a baby only breast milk, and no other liquids or solids, not even water.

Can a sick mother breastfeed her baby?Name of Office: FHO, NCDPC

Yes. When a mother is sick, antibodies are produced to fight infection. Antibodies are secreted in the breast milk and are transferred to the baby during breastfeeding. Although there are instances when sick mother should temporarily stopped breastfeeding like; when mother is undergoing chemotherapy or when exposed to radiation, she should be cleared first before returning to breastfeeding.

Can women with inverted or flat nipple be able to breastfeed her baby?Name of Office: FHO, NCDPC

Yes. Mothers with breast or nipple problem should ask help from breastfeeding/IYCF or lactation counselor in the Hospital, Health Center, or even in the Barangay with support group.

Why are mothers saying that their breast milk just stopped that is why they discontinue breastfeeding early?Name of Office: FHO, NCDPC

There is a substance in the breast milk which can reduce or inhibit milk production. If a lot of milk is left in the breast because the baby did not feed well or did not feed at all, the inhibitor will protect the breast from harmful effect of being too full by not producing anymore milk. It is important that mother gives only breast milk in the first 6 months of life and allow the baby to stop on his/her own in order to empty the breast and be ready for the next production of breast milk. Breastfeeding should continue after 6 months while complementary foods are given until 2 years and beyond.

Is it true that when mother is tired she should not breastfeed because it has negative effect to the baby?Name of Office: FHO, NCDPC

It is a misconception. The mother needs practical help to lessen feeling of tiredness. Mother can drink water to refresh her, sit or lie down comfortably, clean herself so that she can be worry free when feeding her baby.

What is complementary foods?Name of Office: FHO, NCDPC

Foods given to babies after six months to complement breast milk. Breastfeeding should continue when complementary foods are introduced for up to two years of age or beyond.

Why is it that some women are saying that they cannot breastfeed because they do not have breast milk/insufficient supply? Is this true?Name of Office: FHO, NCDPC

All women are cable of producing milk. It is a misconception that a newly delivered woman has no milk. The frequent suckling of the baby to her mother’s breast stimulates oxytocin (love hormone) for milk ejection. Some factors will hinder oxytocin reflex like; stress, worry, pain and doubt, but are just temporary. It is important that breastfeeding mother is relax and confident that she can feed her baby optimally. Effective “Suckling” will help produce breast milk.