Dealing with Myths & Misconceptions in Family Planning
23 October 2021
Healthy Pilipinas

Is family planning a form of abortion?Name of Office: NCDPC

No. Family planning is not abortion. Abortion is ending of pregnancy, while FP prevents pregnancy through the use of contraceptives. FP prevents induced abortion by helping couples avoid unplanned pregnancies.

Are family planning methods expensive?Name of Office: NCDPC

Most family planning methods are reasonably-priced and available at drugstores. There are companies that provide family planning supplies to their employees. PhilHealth covers the costs of FP counseling, IUD and its insertion, bilateral tubal ligation, vasectomy, injectable, and the initial cycle of progestin-only-pills (POP), subject to the provisions of its benefit package for members and their dependents.

Are all family planning methods effective?Name of Office: NCDPC

Yes. The effectiveness of the different methods varies a lot depending on how the method is used by the couple or the individual.

Are family planning methods harmful to health?Name of Office: NCDPC

No. All family planning methods are safe, and effective if properly used. Couples can choose the method that is best suited (“hiyang”) for them depending on their needs and health condition. Couples can decide on the desired number and spacing of their children.

Will using a contraceptive method increase or decrease sexual desire?Name of Office: NCDPC

Sexual desire varies from person to person. In general, use of contraceptives does not affect an individual’s sexual desire. In fact, the use of contraceptives frees the couple from the fear of unplanned pregnancies. This enhances the couple’s sexual relationship.