Combined Oral Contraceptive (COCs) Pill
23 October 2021
Healthy Pilipinas

Should a woman take the pill only when she sleeps with her husband?No. A woman must take her pills every day in order not to become pregnant even when she does not have sexual contact.

Will the pill build up in my body after a few years? Will need to stop taking the pill to give my body a “rest period”?
Does the pill cause a woman’s breast to shrink?
Does the pill cause abortion?No. The pill is taken to prevent conception not to cause an abortion. The pill prevents ovulation (maturing and release of an egg) so that fertilization cannot occur. Therefore, if there is no fertilization, there can be no pregnancy. Abortion cannot occur without pregnancy.

Does the pill cause cancer?No. The pill has been used safely by millions of women for over 30 years and has been tested more than any other drug. Studies show that the pill can protect women from some forms of cancer, such as cancers of the ovary and uterus. More clinical studies are currently being conducted to determine if there is any association of pill use with other forms of cancer.

Can the pill cause infertility or make it difficult for me to become pregnant once stop taking it?No. Studies have clearly shown that the pill does not cause infertility. Also, the pill does not reduce your chances of becoming pregnant once you stop taking it.

What is the possibility of a woman conceiving twins or triplets if she stops taking the pill?There is no known correlation between pill use and multiple births.