Seven Healthy Habits Na Go Na Go!
Don't Smoke, Avoid Alcohol, Say No to Drugs
Substance Abuse can be defined as a pattern of harmful use of any substance for mood-altering purposes. The overwhelming effects of substance abuse on individuals, families and societies demands an effective mechanism of deterrence.

Everyone is invited! Download the Health Promotion Playbooks and bring Healthy Pilipinas to your community!  

Health Promotion Playbook for Substance Abuse: Smoke and Vape-free Communities in the New Normal


Let's be healthy all year long! Take on the Seven Healthy Habits Challenge!

TRACK your progress para alam mo kung gaano na kalayo ang narating mo! Mula sa iyong pag-Move More Eat Right hanggang sa pag Don't Smoke, Lessen Alcohol, Say no to Drugs, ang bawat araw ng iyong commitment ay dapat i-celebrate! It's not too late to start your health tracker! Commit to a happy and healthy you para sa Healthy Pilipinas!


Let's practice the Seven Healthy Habits in our everyday life!

  • Consult your doctor about tobacco cessation
  • Get information from reputable sources on the risk of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Devices
  • Say no to illicit drugs
  • Seek out and enroll in rehabilitation programs
  • Control your urges for emotional or binge alcohol consumption
  • Know when and who to consult for substance addiction


Learn more about the Priority Area for Substance Abuse through these videos:

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